Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Research Proposal

The topic I am considering for the Class Project is how Fraternities are actually beneficial to the community even though they are bashed in the media

This a photo of my Fraternity raising money for people who suffered from the Boston Marathon bombing.


  1. You might check out the other Matt's blog, and my comments on it, as it suggests one type of path you could take with this topic. As I wrote to Matt:

    Rather than writing a "compare/contrast" argument that tries to portray all negative statements about fraternities as "false stereotypes" and then offers a laundry list of good things that fraternities do, you could just ignore the negative and focus on the evidence for some positive benefits of fraternity membership. I have had several students write successful papers like that, which discuss a range of issues from the way Greek life develops "soft skills" to the way it supports social and academic integration, especially among minority students. Here are some blogs from those students that might give you ideas:

    Try to keep up with the blog posts.